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New Year! New You! New Hair!  A Blog About Raw Indian Curly Hair. - HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair

New Year! New You! New Hair! A Blog About Raw Indian Curly Hair.

If you are thinking about changing your look, it might be time to consider adding a few Raw Curly wefts to your collection. Our raw hair Is legitimately gathered in India from ethical sources. It is the highest quality hair on the market. The hair is naturally light and airy, it moves effortlessly with lots of bounce. And it is tangle-resistant, and easy to style. The hair comes in a naturally dark brown color, and it blends well with all hair types, especially African American.

Curly Hair extentions

However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to Raw Curly Hair, we have put together a list of the essential attributes.

You Got Volume for Days

The cool thing about having this type of hair is the fact that you can wake up and not use any product and still look great! Now that's a great hair routine! You can use heated tools or opt for heat free options such as bendy rollers and a defining mouse to define your curl pattern.

Styling Options

By having a full head of curls and wearing them in your desired hairstyle, you too can look fabulous. There is an abundance of hairstyles with different looks that you can wear. You could opt for an all over untamed look. Just allow the hair to flow effortlessly all over your head. Or wrap it in a scarf or put it up in a ponytail. You should be able to find at least one that will work for you. You are only limited by your imagination.

curly indian hair

Low-Maintenance Hair

Curly raw hair still needs proper maintenance. You still must wash, oil, comb,and dry your Indian Curly hair to retain its magnificent shine and form. But remenber, it is forgiving if you slack a bit and opt for a quick style that takes seconds to create.

Curly Indian Hair

That is the beauty of curly hair. It is forgiving when you are a bit lax with the maintenance. Yes, you can still get tangles and knots like people with straight hair if you do not maintain it properly, but unlike them, your tangles and knots will not be as noticeable.

Everyone wants to look gorgeous, feel great about themselves and look beautiful with their hairstyle. Our extensions are crafted with youthfulness in mind and will bring you to a whole new level of beauty. That is why our Raw Indian Curly hair is so special. It can be transformed into any curly hairstyle that you want. You decide how to rock your curls!

Turn to HookedOnBundles Premium Raw Virgin Hair whenever you are looking for a company that provides high-quality raw Indian hair! We offer top-quality, ethically sourced hair bundles that can elevate any look. Browse our shop today and use code "Curly" for 15% Off! 

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