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The Difference Between Raw, Virgin and Processed Hair - HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair

The Difference Between Raw, Virgin and Processed Hair

Raw Hair is unprocessed, 100% cuticle aligned human hair. Unprocessed means that the hair has not undergone ANY chemical, heat or steam processing. It is the most purest and natural form of hair available on the market. With proper care, Raw hair can be maintained and re-worn for years.

Every bundle is unique, as it comes from a single or multiple donors. Unique meaning that no two bundles are identical in texture or color. 

The demand for raw hair has become increasingly difficult for hair companies to provide a full bundle of single donor hair consistently. So, raw hair can also mean multiple donors as long as the hair is not processed in any way. All hair cuticles are intact, preventing matting and tangling. The hair can be dyed and styled.  And It doesn't have the shininess of chemical treated processed hair.     

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is Raw hair that has been steamed processed to achieve a specific texture such as Deep Wave, Body Wave, Loose Wave, etc. It's specifically a term for hair that has never been chemically processed. 

Processed Hair

Processed hair has been color treated, permed, relaxed, bleached or dyed, which means that it is not Virgin or Raw hair. Processed hair is soaked in a highly acidic bath that strips the cuticles from the hair and removes all of the natural characteristics of the hair strands. The hair is then coated in silicone after treatments to replenish the appearance and boost its shine. Yet, with mutiple installments of the hair and with daily wear, the silicone will begin to break down and the hair will become diffcult to manage. We don't carry processed hair. But we still want you to know the difference between the three..

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