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How to Effortlessly Achieve a Bob Cut (Without Actually Cutting Your Hair)

The bob hairstyle was first created in the beginning of the 20th century and since then, many women have abandoned the traditional haircut for this bold, chin-length hairstyle. Since then, this style has become a favorite among women. What’s more, there have been numerous variations of the bob style, ranging from straight, wavy, short, to bangs! Women are now able to achieve this hairstyle using human hair extensions and wigs. They no longer need to trim off their hair. Isn’t this just awesome?


If you are worried that your bob wig might not pass for your actual hair and that people might know you are in a wig, this article gives you practical tips on how to create that amazing bob look you’ve always wanted. This Brazilian Silky Straight Bob has a 13*6 lace frontal that allows you to do a deep part that matches with your style and personality. 


How to Customize Your Basic Bob Wig


Step # 1

Securely pin your lace wig on your styrofoam wig head.

Step # 2

Using a tweezer, gently pluck out excess hair around the frontal to reduce its bulkiness. Part the hair where you intend to have the part and do the plucking towards you to achieve a natural look.

Step # 3

If your wig is not pre-bleached, you may want to bleach the knots. There may be some visible knots on the lace base as the hair in this region is hand tied. Create a mixture of your developer and bleach in a bowl and stir using a mixing brush to achieve the desired consistency.

Step # 4

Turn your wig inside out and secure it on your wig head again. Carefully apply the bleach on the knots. Cover the hair with a shower cap and let the bleach sit in for about 20 minutes. 

Step # 5

Wash out the bleach using a neutralizing shampoo.

Step # 6

Trim the lace along the hairline all the way to the ears.

Step # 7

Apply a dime-sized amount of heat protector on the wig and ensure it is uniformly distributed.

Step # 8

Section the hair with a comb and use a wand to curl or flat iron the sections to your liking. Be sure to make the top of the wig as flat as possible. If your wig does not come with a pre-made part, you may want to create one or just wear it with no parting for a sophisticated sleek look.



    How Do You Secure Your Human Hair Bob Wig?
    Putting on a wig is a simple and straightforward concept - it’s like putting on a bonnet! But how do you achieve that extra security? Here are some of the best ways to do this:


    Wig Caps
    Use wig caps under your wig to prevent it from slipping or moving, to keep it clean and to collect your hair especially if it is bulky. 
    Note: Recommended whether you have long or short hair.


    Elastic Bands/Wig Grips

    This is the most common method and my most favorite way of securing a wig. For convenience, most hair vendors either sew the bands for you or include it in your package so that you can sew it yourself. When attaching the elastic band, avoid making it too tight as they can be quite uncomfortable.


    Metal Wig Clips
    These are usually sewn inside your wig so that you can clip them onto your actual hair to secure the wig. 


    Bobby Pins

    This is one of the oldest methods of securing a wig. Lift sections of your bob wig, starting on the sides and back, and pin them through the wefts into your actual hair. Pin in an adequate number that will hold your wig in place.
    Note: Be sure to purchase bobby pins that match your wig so that they are not visible underneath. 


    Double Sided Tape
    These are used by women that feel like their wig moves around, especially when their hair is very short. Cut a piece of the tape and place it randomly inside the wig before wearing it. The tape will hold the wig in place . 



    Glue is ideal for women who want an added security when rocking their wig. It’s gentle and can be washed off using water. What’s more, wig glue moves with your skin and is very pliable. You may need to try out several different brands before you find one that you really like.
    Note: Always apply wig glue according to the package directions.


    Tips and Tricks for Making Your Bob Wig Look Natural and Realistic

    • Align the wig with your actual hairline. Watch tutorials if you need help customizing your wig.

    • Correct maintenance



    Human hair wigs must be cared for as you would your actual hair to retain their natural luster. Avoid excessive use of hot styling tools and if you really must, be sure to apply a heat protectant.  

    The secret to achieving the bob cut effortlessly is now in your hands. If well taken care of, your bob wig should last you a very long time. The best thing about our human hair bob wig collection is that the sizes can be tailored to fit your head naturally. This means you may not need bobby pins, glue or clips to secure them. Check out our premium collection of human hair wigs to gift yourself that bob style you’ve always wanted without having to cut your hair!

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