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To use Klarna, you must first go to the app store on your phone and download the
"Klarna|Shop Now|Pay Later App
Then Complete The Following Steps:

Step: 1

Add your items to your HookedonBundles shopping cart.
And when ready, proceed to checkout.

Add your name, address, phone number/email address 

Select your shipping option and proceed to the
payment page.

Step: 2

Open the Klarna App and click the option to create
a "One-Time Card".


Type: into the search box
at the top of the page. And select HookedOnBundles.
This will direct you to our site.

Click the "Pay with Klarna" link near the bottom of the
screen and enter the total amount of your purchase. 

Then click continue on the Klarna app.
Enter the amount for shipping.

Klarna will now verify the payment schedule for your order.
You have two options:
A total of 4 payments (every two weeks)
or 6 monthly payments.

Step: 3

Review your payment schedule.
Click confirm and continue.

Klarna will now create your "One-Time Visa Card"
complete with your card number, expiration date and
CVV code. Use this card to complete your
order as a "Credit Purchase"on the
HookedOnBundles checkout page.

You can review your purchase within the Klarna App.

Thank You For Reading Our Update!!!



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