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Trend Alert-Summer Love With Head Wraps - HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair

Trend Alert-Summer Love With Head Wraps

Accessorizing with scarves is a quick way to add a little glam💎to your outfit! They are versatile enough to transition from work to a night out with friends or time with that special someone. There are so many different ways to tie a scarf. And it takes minimal effort. This makes it a perfect option on days where your time is limited or you just don't feel like messing in your hair, aka lazy days. It's cool. We all have days like that.

One of the most popular head wrap styles is the Twisted Turban. And it happens to be my favorite. With hair left out in the back and a little on the sides. It has a real bohemian feel that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Talk about a fuss free summer accessory!

To get the look, place your scarf at the back of your neck with the ends in front. Cross the two ends over each other, then twist them one more time so the end you started with is in the same hand. Tug tightly and secure at the nape of your neck. It's so easyyyy to go bold!!

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Whether hair is super long or buzzed, a scarf will pull your look together adding that special touch that will have you standing out in the crowd. Those with long hair or braids can tie their hair into a no-fuss up do before securing the scarf on top. If you have short hair, simply add the scarf and position the tails where you please. Having the scarf fall down your back will have you looking stylish from all angles.

So, add a trendy scarf to your wardrobe😎and pair trendy pieces of jewelry or other statement pieces like a top with a skirt and your favorite pair of flats, heels or sneakers. And don't forget your bag. It adds another layer of creative edge to your look. Have fun playing around with different looks this summer. It will definitely spice up the mood for the season…

Image: Pinterest
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