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How To Apply & Care For Your Mink Lashes - HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair

How To Apply & Care For Your Mink Lashes


1: Place the lash on your eyelid and trim off the excess band.

2: After cutting, slightly bend the lash to slightly loosen the band for a comfortable application.

3: Apply a lash applicator glue and allow 30 seconds to dry.

4: Ensure a smooth transition by applying a line of mascara on your own lashes.

5: With a pair of tweezers, gently place the strip while looking down.

6: Let the glue slightly dry and squeeze the tweezers to your natural eyelashes.



Proper care of 3D Mink Lashes will allow you to re-use them over 25 times!

After each use, take a damp cue tip and rub along the band of the lash to loosen the glue.

Do NOT use makeup remover as they will destroy the integrity of the lash band.

You may soak the lashes in alcohol to dissolve the glue or any mascara.

Gently dry the lashes and pull off any excess glue with your fingers.

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