How many Bundles do I need?

For 12'' to 14'' hair, about 3 bundles.

For 16'' to 22'' hair, about 4 bundles.

For 24” hair and above, about 4-5 bundles.


Check out this chart for more lengths and looks!


Can I split the wefts?

We do not recommend splitting wefts, as this can cause increased shedding. But if you do decide to do so, then we recommend that you use a weft sealer on each cut end.


Can I sew in my Bundles?

Try not to sew through wefts, sew around them. Puncturing wefts will cause the tracks to loosen and immediately start shedding.

Can I straighten or curl Virgin hair?


Brush out all waves/curls using a wide tooth comb or denim brush.

Generously apply water using a spray bottle until the hair is completely saturated.

Apply a small amount of Anti Frizz Leave-In Conditioner for curly hair for a soft, fluffy hold.

Let the hair fully air dry before touching and manipulating curls.


All extensions are subject to minimum shedding. However, chemically processing the hair or strenuous brushing can cause the hair to shed more than normal. You can avoid this by sealing your wefts.