FAQ-Raw Hair

Wavy Raw Indian Hair Bundles Q&A

Answering your questions about this type of Indian Hair.

How is the Indian hair collected?

The raw Indian hair is collected by donors in India as it is a religious sacrifice supported by their Hindu religion. The hair is shaved and bundled together at temples.

Are these bundles 100% virgin hair?

Yes. This hair is 100% virgin human hair. The mixed versions do cost a little less, but we wanted to provide the best possible weave coming out of India.

How are the wavy patterns of the Indian hair created?

The hair is in its natural state. The woman in India commonly has straight hair. A smaller percentage have wavy hair while very few Indian woman have naturally curly hair. Most hair has curls which are achieved by steam. There is nothing wrong with that but this hair has not had that process done to it.

Are the wave patterns of the bundles the same?

Nope. No two bundles are the same. Each has a slightly different wave pattern and looks stunning when sewn in. This is one of the reasons the demand for Indian hair is very high.

Does this hair have all the cuticles?

For sure! This hair has had no processing what so ever. Once the hair is collected, then it is shackled to remove short hairs. Next, it is wefted with a double stitch process to reduce shedding.