What Is Raw Hair?

Raw hair is unprocessed, 100% human hair. Unprocessed means that the hair has not undergone ANY chemical, heat or steam processing. It is the most purest and natural form of hair available on the market. With proper care, Raw hair can be maintained and re-worn for years.

Raw Hair
The most authentic, chemical-free hair available.
Every bundle is unique, as it comes from a single or multiple donors.
Yet, with the demand of raw hair it’s become increasingly difficult for hair companies to provide a full bundle of single donor hair consistently. So, raw hair can also mean multiple donors as long as the hair is not processed in any way. 
All hair cuticles are intact, preventing matting and tangling.
The hair can be dyed and flat ironed.      
    Virgin Hair
    Virgin hair is a term for hair that has never been chemically processed.  Chemically processed hair is hair that has been color treated, permed, relaxed, bleached or dyed. Virgin Hair uses steam processing to achieve different textures of hair and styles such as body wave, deep wave, mink or silky straight, Italian curl, kinky curl, tight curl, curly wave, deep curl, loose wave, kinky straight, 4c afro curly, natural wave and so much more.