Beach Wave Transparent Lace Closure Wig

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Introducing the epitome of natural beauty and effortless style – the HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair Beach Wave Wig. Crafted from 100% premium human hair, this wig promises a luxurious feel, stunning appearance, and the versatility to create various looks with ease.

Hair Type: Our Beach Wave Wig is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest 100% human hair, ensuring a realistic texture and appearance. The soft and supple strands emulate the natural movement of real hair, giving you a look that's both captivating and true to life.

Hair Style: Designed with a closure construction, the Beach Wave Wig offers a seamless and undetectable hairline, making it a breeze to wear and style. The closure adds to the wig's overall natural look, allowing you to confidently flaunt your hair with style.

Density: With a density of 180%, this wig strikes the perfect balance between volume and manageability. The generous hair density ensures a full-bodied and luscious look, while still being easy to maintain and style according to your preferences.

Hair Grade: Crafted from the finest virgin hair, our Beach Wave Wig guarantees exceptional quality. The hair's cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, minimizing tangling and enhancing its durability. Experience the luxury of virgin hair that can be styled and treated just like your own.

Hair Color: The wig comes in the timeless and versatile Natural 1B shade. This rich, dark hue complements a wide range of skin tones and allows for effortless pairing with any outfit or occasion.

Coloring: For those who love to experiment with their look, the Beach Wave Wig can be lifted to a stunning #27 shade. Whether you desire a sun-kissed glow or a vibrant new look, this wig's high-quality hair makes it receptive to coloring processes, opening the door to endless possibilities.

Experience the freedom of expressing your style with the HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair Beach Wave Wig. Embrace the beauty of 100% human hair, the convenience of a closure construction, and the elegance of beachy waves. Elevate your confidence and charm with a wig that embodies both luxury and versatility.

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