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The Confidence of Raw Hair Extensions - HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair

The Confidence of Raw Hair Extensions

Your hair should be effortless to maintain, beautiful to look at and full of life that gives you even more confidence as you go about your daily routine. Because knowing that your hair isn't going to give you problems will give you a sense of calmness that you may not have experienced before. What do I mean by that? Imagine your just waking up from a good night's rest. You stretch out your arms and turn over to turn off your alarm clock. Your not quite ready to get up, but you know you can't spend the morning in bed. And in that very second, you look over and see your head scarf peaking up from between your pillows. Panic sets in as you jump out of bed and scurry over to your mirror while smoothly running your hands through your hair. How could you head scarf come off in the middle of the night? Is your hair messed up? Your asking yourself a billion questions on your journey to the mirror. And to your surprise, with the exception of a few hairs out of place your morning hair looks darn good!
That is the effortless nature that we look for in our hair bundles. But our Raw Hair Collection consist of our luxurious hair extensions that really delivers the satisfaction you deserve.
Young Woman Wearing Raw Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for a compliment to your free-flowing waves then the Raw Indian closure is for you! It maintains being wavy without too much tightness and can be straightened in minutes without the damage. 


Due to the price of Raw Hair, it's not always a persons first choice. Some people are uncomfortable with the price and will never buy it. While others are intrigued, but would rather shop around and compare prices before making the decision to buy. This why the Chinese System of "Grade Hair" became so popular among hair vendors.  They give the hair a number based on how good the quality is. Essentially a code, it helps vendors to easily show customers that they can choose between a lesser quality brand of 7A hair versus 10A  grade. But what one company considers 6A, another company grades it 8A. As it turns out, the grading system is a marketing tool to sell the hair and not a real indicator of how good it is.  Ultimately, the grading system of interpretation of how good the hair is, lies in the hands of the vendors, and at the expense of the consumers. That's why it's important to test your bundles. I'll talk more about that in a minute.                                                               
Raw hair extensions have undergone the same scrutiny as Grade hair. So doing your research and testing the product are a most. Listen, I get that  buying quality grade human hair can be a very large expense. But what you receive in return are bundles of hair that with proper care, can last a very long time. This will actually save you money in the long run. Because your not having to re-buy hair every couple of months when the lesser quality hair starts to break down.                                                                                           
Here are some simple ways to test the quality of your Raw Hair Bundles.
  • First, check for the presence of the hair cuticle. The hair strand should feel smooth as you run your hand down to the ends of the hair. But, you should also feel at bit of resistance as you run your fingers from the bottom back up towards the weft. This will let you know that the cuticles have not been stripped and processed. 
  • Conduct A Burn Test. Simply cut a strand of hair and put it on a burning flame using a lighter or matches. Real hair turns into ash when its burned. Blow the hair cool, then pull a few pieces of the burned hair from the weft and rub it between your fingers. The result as I said, should be a dark color ash. If it's synthetic hair, then it will turn into a sticky texture which will harden when it cools down. Some companies use lesser quality hair such as synthetics to mix in with the real human hair. These products are referred to as fillers. So make sure your not feeling any hard strands of hair mixed into the ash. So the take away is, human hair will immediately catch fire, burn nearly instantly, and smell like burning hair. While synthetic melts into a sticky texture that hardens. 
  • The Smell Test. When you first receive your hair, give it a quick sniff. If it smell like chemicals or corn chips then you might have a problem. You may want to do a quick internet search for getting the smell out of hair extensions. You may not be able to tell, for certain if the hair is real raw hair or not from smelling alone, but how the hair smells is a real indicator of the hair and hair company’s quality. Another thing to consider is the overall condition of the hair. Without going to deep into this, I would always recommend washing your raw hair bundles in a sulfate free shampoo and a good conditioner. I would do this even if a company says they have a cleansing system for their bundles. You want the piece of mind of knowing that no dirt or residue from the donor(s) was left behind in the hair after it was cultivated. 


That's It Until Next Time💋


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