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How To Chose The Best Wig Density For Your Next Install - HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair

How To Chose The Best Wig Density For Your Next Install

Choosing the perfect wig for both novice and maven wignistas alike can feel a bit overwhelming. First, unless you enter the process already knowing the style you are seeking, settling on a specific unit can be time-consuming. Girl with thick curly hair

Are you planning to wear straight, wavy, or curly hair?  Short or long? Malaysian or Brazilian? Lace Front or 360 lace frontal wig?

Secondly, even if you understand the basic premise of the different kinds of wigs that are available to you, selecting a unit that complements the size of your head or shape of your face is yet another consideration you have to examine.

 However, the most essential factor you cannot ignore is wig density.

What is Wig Density?

Wig density is a term used to describe how thick or thin the hair is on your lace front wig. It is the number of hairs inserted into the wig cap or lace per square inch. Wig density is categorized in terms of percentages.  

Let’s take a closer look at the most common categories of wig density.

120-130% Natural/Medium Density Wigs

120% density wigs are the average density of human hair. Many wig connoisseurs consider this wig density to be the most realistic of all densities and prefer to buy it more than others. You can think of medium density wigs as being neither being too thick or too thin.

130% density wigs also mimic the natural density of human hair. They are medium weight wigs that provide fullness.

150% Natural/Full Wig Density

150% density wigs are excellent for adding extra fullness or volume for divas looking to add a bit more body and bounce. This wig feels a bit heavier than 120-130% density wigs. Still, they deliver more carefree movement and support wavy or curly styles.

180% Heavy Wig Density

180% density wigs are high or heavy-density wigs for divas seeking full volume. It looks particularly fabulous on hair with length. Think of this hair density as those that celebs and stage artists typically wear. If you are a glutton for extravagant styles, this wig density is for you.

200% Extra Heavy Wig Density

For wignistas seeking to add significant, noticeable glam or celebrity-level style, 200% density wigs are a top choice. It’s a very heavy wig and, needless to say can create a bit of discomfort for those who dare to wear one of these units.  

How to Choose Wig Density

A good rule of thumb is to select a wig density that is complementary to the size of your head, shape of your face, and that which duplicates your natural hair to some extent. Here are a few other considerations when determining what wig density will best suit your needs

Matching Your Natural Hair Density

If you have naturally full hair, you want to choose a heavy density or 150% wig. If your hair is naturally fine or very thin, an extra light density of 120%-130% is likely to be the better option. Don’t worry; The most common wig density is medium-thick density, which is 120%. It is not expected that your hair will look any thinner than it already is.

Hair Texture and Wig Density

Hair texture will play a vital role in the hair density you select. Girl with thick hair

Curly and kinky hair, including afro kinky and kinky yaki textures, tends to be more voluminous in thickness depending on your ultimate styling goals. This texture typically ranges anywhere from 125-180%.

Finally, unless you are purposefully aiming for a wig of heavy density, consider choosing one that complements your age and your lifestyle. A lighter density wig will give you the most realistic of appearances without compromising your style, and be easier to maintain on a daily basis.

Styling and Hair Length

You must consider two additional factors when choosing hair density for your wig, and they are length and styling options. If you plan to pin it back or opt for a sleek, classy style, select a wig with a light density, 120%-130%. If you aim for a more glamorous flare, your wig density may need to increase to an extra density or 200% wig.

You should be aware that the length of your wig can change the overall appearance of the wig density. The wig density of 12 inches at 130% may not resemble a wig density of 24 inches with 130%. Also, 150% lace front density will have a different look from that of a full lace wig of the same density.

Below is a chart that provides corresponding wig density and wig lengths.

Wig Density

Recommended Wig Length


12 to 14 inches


16 to 20 inches


26 to 30 inches (not common)


In closing, you can order the hair density that best fists your needs. Many suppliers offer wig densities that meet your requirements or are wiling to customize wigs if you chose to have your wig made with your excat measurements. When in doubt about which wig to select,  its okay to select a higher density wig. What’s great about choosing a thicker density wig is that you will have more versatility with how you choose to wear the unit.

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