Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Closure Wig

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Our Deep Wave Lace Wigs will allow you to have multiple styling options such as high ponytails and buns with a flawless hairline. Each unit comes with wig combs and a adjustable elastic band to adjust the tightness of the wig. Our lace units can be installed without the need of a professional stylist if you prefer that option. The unit is very light weight and secure with a natural hair line and free style parting space. Our wigs are nearly ready to wear upon arrival. Feel free to customize your wig to your liking for a more natural appearance.

  • Hair Type: 100% Human Hair 
  • Hair Style:  Wavy
  • Hair Color: Natural 1B
  • Lace: 5x5 Closure / HD Lace
  • Density: 180%
  • Wig Circumstance: 22 inches, standard medium
  • Construction: Factory Made With Hair Bundles
  • Includes Combs and adjustable straps
  • All wigs are glueless and can be worn with or without glue.
  • Free Download On Order Confirmation Page: "How To Care For Curly Hair"

Beautiful curl pattern. Can be straightened as well. Note, that excessive straightening will loosen curl pattern over time. Yet, the curls will snap back after wasing and conditioning the unit. The wig can be worn with or without adhesive.

Please note that the knots on this unit are very lightly bleached.  You will still see some black dots, yet the scalp illusion is still achievable.  A skin toned stocking cap is recommended underneath for the best look or have the knots professionally bleached. 

    Is Deep Wave hair the same a Deep Curly Hair? 

    Deep wave hair is very similar to Deep Curly hair. But the curl pattern for Deep Curly hair is more of a curl. Compared to Deep Wave that has a more wavy texture. 

    Overall, be sure to keep your Deep Wave Unit moniturized with a little water and a good conditioner. We like Pillow Soft Curls by Miss Jessie or Shea Monisture Curl Cream. Use each of these sparringly as excessive application of conditioners can weigh down the hair.           


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      We recommend all new lace wearers to start with closures, because closures require less maintenance than frontals. It’s recommended to wear a silk/satin scarf every single night or when doing any activities that could cause you to sweat or get your hair wet in order to prevent the lace from lifting.


      We recommend the following adhesives: bold hold, ghost bond, or lace grip. All adhesives can be safety removed with 91% alcohol. Non adhesive units will include a band to hold lace down for your forehead.

      How long will bundles last?
      Bundles are double stitched and will typically last for 6-8 months or longer if cared for properly. Each strand is carefully arranged such that they all face the same direction for a more natural look and more durable product that is resistant to breakage.

      How many bundles should I purchase?
      For a full weave install for styles 18 inches or shorter, we recommend three bundles. However for styles longer than 18'' inches, we recommend using 4-5 bundles to achieve a full look.

      Reminder: Constant heat and coloring may cause the curly textures to loosen.

      Also, curly/wavy hair is measured by its stretched length.



      Co-wash the hair with a mositure rich conditioner. Comb through with a wide tooth comb, starting with the ends working your way up towards the top of the hair strand.
      Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
      Let air dry


      Use styling products minimally to avoid product build up in the hair.

      Alcohol based products can dry out the hair. Avoid them at all cost. For curly textures use a spray bottle of water mixed with alittle conditioner for natural defined look.

      Use your fingers to scrunch the hair gently to reform hair with a curly texture. Allow the curls to air dry.

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